Changing World Education Horizon


CWEH plays a vital role in assisting the students in their decision to study abroad by offering their Value Added services in:


We help the students to answer the biggest question in their minds, ‘what course should I choose?’

And we help them to find the answer to the next question in their minds, ‘Having found the right course, which would be the right university to choose and in which country?’


We provide personalized assistance to the student in the application and admission process, by helping in presenting his/her application in the best way possible, with special attention to the Statement of Purpose.


We help in the visa application formalities and provide guidance in financial statements


Cutting Edge, A Complete Programme for developing your soft skills :

“Empower, Enhance and Energize Yourself with Simple Systematic Strategies for greater Impact and a Totally Different you”

Our Most Important Value Added Service Is, In Being A Friend, Philosopher And Guide!

There is only one You! And that You is a very special, unique you!

Our New Programme "Cutting Edge" helps you to develop your soft skills and ensures that you make the right first impression, have correct etiquette, appearance and confidence.

This Custom-made programme caters to your day to day requirements to show up as the best, opens the windows of a new world step by step and thus expands your horizon.